Discount Tax Software Deals For 2019 - 2020

Compare Tax Software Choices

Are you tired of paying for someone else to do your taxes every year? Have you struggled to find the right tax preparation software for your situation? Are you frustrated with the search for the right product? Then this is your lucky day! We’ll walk you through the right questions so you can choose the tax software that meets your needs.

The first thing you’ll need to determine is whether you need just a basic level software program or something more complicated by reading up on the different tax software editions available. The simple form is for those who are single filers, do not own a home and take no deductions. This category also boasts the availability of the IRS Free File Alliance. This is the cats meow when it comes to preparing your taxes for free. Top tax software companies offer quality tax filing programs for low income individuals and families alike to prepare and file their federal tax returns.

Stepping up to the next level we get into Deluxe tax software editions. These software programs will help you with your deductions for both kids and home ownership as well as guide you on reducing the risk of audits. This level suits many young families and their tax situation as they are formatted to help you take more tax deductions.

The Premier program is the next level up and is great for those who have investments, retirement income, or gains and/or losses from the sale of stocks. If you have multiple investments or revenue streams this will be the best choice for you.

And the last level is Home and Business for those who are small business owners, or self-employed. If you are a landlord and have rental income, you’ll need this software program.

Making The Right Tax Software Choice…

Listed here on this page are a variety of companies offering a wide selection of programs for filing your taxes online. Here’s some information on just a few of the listings:

  • TurboTax – offers a Free and Basic version for simple returns and step-by-step guidance; the Deluxe version for those who own homes, make donations or have medical deductions; the Premier version for taxpayers who own stocks, bonds, mutual funds or rental properties; the Home + Business version if you’re a sole proprieter, consultant/freelancer or single owner LLC; the Business version for those who have a partnership, corporation or multi-member LLC. TurboTax Tax Preparation products continue to lead the market in sales.
  • H&R Block At Home – offers a Free program for simple tax needs, step-by-step guidance: Basic program imports your W-2, 1099, last year’s return, with free tax advice; Deluxe program includes expert tax guidance for homeowners and investors; the Premium program is for the self-employed or rental property owner, with schedule C guidance and live tax help. H&R Block Professional Tax Preparation dominates the market.
  • TaxAct – The 1040 EZ is for single or married taxpayers with no kids, the 1040 TaxAct Software is for taxpayers with children, taxable interest, EIC and more, the 1040 Deluxe is for those with itemized deductions, capital gains, AMT, S-Corp and more, the 1040 Premium is for filers who are small business owners, freelancers, or have rental income.
  • eSmartTax – Free version for those filing the 1040 EZ with no children or dependants, the eSmartTax Software Basic program for those with children and itemized deductions, the Deluxe program for those with investments and retirement income, the Premium program for filers who are business owners and/or independant contractors.

Today’s tax filing products help you do everything from gathering your data to estimating your tax return refund.

 Picking Tax Software That Suits You Best!

It will take a little bit of time to read through the offerings from each of these companies, but once you know what level of software you need, it will make the selection process a lot easier.

You’ll be able to do free online tax filing and get your refund in just 2 weeks. Instead of paying someone else and waiting for a refund by mail, you can have the whole process wrapped up in short order. Free federal tax filing is available on all programs and the fee to file your state returns is minimal, especially compared to what you’ve had to pay a professional for doing the work for you.

If you have a simple tax return, this is the year you can begin saving more of your hard earned cash by filing a free tax return yourself! Get started by checking out the links on this page and change the way you do taxes!

TurboTax is a choice that ranks above the clouds every year as it truely dominates the sales charts giving it our 5 star rating. The consistency of constant evolvement from this brand proves they have a goal to keep this dominating market position permanently. TurboTax offers many popular tools that their customers treasure for helping keep them well prepared all year round.

TurboTax Scales the Ranks for Top Tax Software Choices that Lead the Market Every Year

  • The TurboTax life events advisor helps with determining how big life changes effect your tax return.
  • TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Calculator keeps you informed on your tax liability all year
  • TurboTax IRA retirement contribution calculator helps you lower your taxes and save for retirement
  • TurboTax itsDeductable shows you how to take advantage of your good will charitable donations
  • TurboTax W-4 withholding calculator help you adjust your paycheck withholdings for year end accuracy

Don’t get beaten down with run of the mill tax filing products, it’s not worth the hair pulling experience to save a little bit of coin. Choosing the right product saves time and keeps your stress level on low down settings.