Discount Tax Software Deals For 2019 - 2020

Compare Tax Software Brands

Listed here on this page are a variety of companies offering a wide selection of tax preparation programs for filing your tax return online.

Use our  comparisons below to determine which brand you can trust to keep your tax filing experience complication free from start to finish.

We review these products and other opinions to come up with the proper ranking for each brand.

It's important to note that some of these titans have been leading the market for many decades. See which one catches your eye.

TurboTax - TurboTax happens to be the leading tax software provider in the United States. They continue to be the dominant provider year after year.

Software Editions Include:

Free Edition for simple returns, Basic edition for step-by-step guidance and import abilities; the Deluxe edition for those who own homes, make donations or have medical deductions; the Premier edition for taxpayers who own stocks, bonds, mutual funds or rental properties; the Home + Business edition if you're a sole proprietor, consultant/freelancer or single owner LLC.

TurboTax is the reliable favorite that dominates the online tax preparation market. I’ve used this product for years to file anything from a simple to complex tax return. TurboTax is a superior tax preparation brand of tax software in terms of quality. TurboTax continues it rein as it ranks on top of the market as the best selling brand, running a close race with HR Block for performance and satisfied consumers throughout the United States. Online support and intuitive navigation keep consumers coming back every year.

H&R Block - H&R Block holds firm as one of the top tax software providers, but it far out performs all professional tax firms with the world largest provider of professional tax preparation offices.

Software Editions Include:

Free program for simple tax needs, step-by-step guidance: Basic program imports your W-2, 1099, last year's return, with free tax advice; Deluxe program includes expert tax guidance for homeowners and investors; the Premium online tax return program is for the self-employed or rental property owner, with schedule C guidance and live tax help; and the Home & Business edition.

H&R Block is a great choice for someone who values the in-person support you get from a one on one tax professional experience. H&R Block has over 12,000 retail locations across 50 states, that offer a convenient way to file in person. There is no doubt H&R Block is much farther ahead when it comes to tax professional support gained from supportive tax preparation professionals located in offices everywhere throughout the U.S. and overseas.

TaxAct: TaxAct created a simple and convenient way for taxpayers to prepare, file, and manage their tax returns online in a secure environment. Built on years of experience providing customers tax preparation solutions for electronic filing and tax-related financial services. TaxACT is a lower cost option. Despite its low cost point, TaxACT holds up well compared to TurboTax and H&R Block when it comes to quality features.

E-Smart-Tax: ESmartTax offers free electronic filing like other top brands that help simplify the whole tax return preparation and filing process. A useful federal tax guide along with chat and email support features help this brands rating stay in range with consumer friendly tax products. Affordable and simple, eSmartTax works well for simple tax return needs. New for their 2015 update, eSmartTax showcases the all important Affordable Care Act forms.

e-file: File taxes online with OnePriceTaxes tax preparation software and e-file both your federal and state taxes all for one low price. This is a easy-to-use lighter duty software brand that can help you navigate your way through the annual tasks associated with filing your taxes.

FreeTaxUSA: You can file your return in as little as 30 minutes with FreeTaxUSA. This software brand helps you by skipping sections that don't apply to your tax return. You can import previous years tax data to save you time and enhance accuracy. Simple step-by-step questions and instructions that take the confusion out of tax preparation.