Discount Tax Software Deals For 2019 - 2020

TurboTax TaxCaster 2019 - 2020 Tax Season Calculator

In the current state of our economy, Uncle Sam is scrambling for more cash to cover our deficit issues. This means he is looking to all of us for more cash. Escaping tax season stress means limiting how much money the IRS is going to suck out of your wallet.

Get A TurboTax Tax Return Estimate

Many tax filers fly through the year blinded from tax liabilities they will have to face come April 15th. Fact is, with good tax planning tools like the TurboTax Tax Estimate calculator, anyone can know ahead of time whether they will be getting a refund, or paying more taxes.

The TurboTax tax return estimate is a process that is easily computed in just minutes, which is probably less time than you were ever expecting.

This handy tool that TurboTax labels as the TaxCaster, can help you determine whether you are getting a refund or if you will owe additional income taxes.

This tax tool is free to use for anyone, even if you do not intend to use another TurboTax product. TurboTax offers it up as a free tax season tool to help all taxpayers calculate their taxes for free!

How to use the TurboTax Tax Estimator:

The TurboTax tax estimator is extremely easy to use and user friendly. It offers an extensive list of categories that allow you to input data needed to include tax deductions and credits that could help you lower your tax bill significantly.

By browsing through the different sections you can get see the many options available where you could qualify for tax savings.

Another cool feature is the tax meter that is constantly recalculating based on the information you put in. The running total is there to update your tax liability in real time so you can see what your tax debt is at anytime as you make changes and input additional data.

With the ongoing tax calculation, the TurboTax Tax Estimate Tool  will show you where you stand with Uncle Sam once your entries are all done. Then you will know how big your refund will be, or how deep the IRS is going to dig into your pocket to collect additional taxes.

Make TurboTax Tax Estimate adjustments anytime you need to and see how it effects your taxes

One great benefit is seeing how your tax data entries change your tax liability as you make different adjustments. This in turn allows you to make better tax planning decisions that can help you keep your tax bill to a minimum. Add up your receipts and play around with comparing the standard deduction to itemized deductions, add in charitable contributions, or make adjustments in your tax filing status if possible to see which financial result works out best for you.

The TurboTax Income Tax Estimator is absolutely free to use for anyone so why not give it a try and take advantage of it!